Foundry Service

Total One Stop Foundry Service for Si/Glass/Plastic Chip

  • Material  Si, Glass, Plastic etc.,
  • Substrate size  up to 8 inch
  • Foundry
    • 1) Photolithography
    • 2) Etch Process
    • 3) Deposition & Growth Process
    • 4) Bonding & Packaging Process
    • 5) Measurement
    • 6) Miscellaneous
Faciliteis for
  • Si Micro Device
  • Glass Micro Device
  • Plastic Micro Device
  • Mask Generation of micro Device
  • Measurement of micro Device
Foundry Service
  • Total One-Stop Service
  • Precison Processing Service
  • Consulting for Chip Manufacturing
  • Measurement & Analysis
Research & Development
  • Education
  • Consortium Operation
  • R&D Support
  • Processing Technology
One Stop Total Foundry Service Service Items
Photolithography Mask Design & Mask Manufacturing
Thin PR [AZ GXR601, AZ 4330, DNR30, LOR, AZ5214E, AZnLoF]
Thick PR [AZ9260, SU-8, AR-N 4400, JSR, DL 1000 Dry Film Resist]
Mask Alignment

Dry Etch : Si, SiO2, SiNx, Polyimide, Parylene, Quartz, Metal etc.,
Wet Etch : Si, SiO2, Boro33, Quartz, Metal  etc.,

Bonding & Packaging Low Temperature Bonging
Anodic / Fusion /Eutectic /Thermo-compression
Bonding / UV Bonding
Depo. & Growth Metallization [Cr, Ni, Al, Ti, Au, Pt, Cu etc.,]
Thermal Oxidation LPCVD, PECVD
Electroplating [Ni, Nico]
Measurement Step Measurement, Noncontact 2D&3D Measure Air Gap
Measurement on chip Level
Film Thickness Contact Angle/ Surface Profiler

PDMS chip/Plastic Chip(injection Molding)
Chip Dicing/Sanding
Surface Modification(Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic)

Fields Applications by Foundry Services

SU-8 based Microfluidic Chip
Si or Glass based Microfluidic Chip
Plastic based Microfludic Chip
SOG ( Si on Glass) wafer based Microfluidic Chip
Droplet Generation Chip
Cell Counter Chip
Acoustic Microfluidic Chip
MEA Chip ( MicroElectrode Array)


Gyro Sensor
Pressure sensor : Implantable pressure sensor, physical pressure sensor 
SAW(Surface Acoustic Wave) sensor

Displays & Optics ITO Glass wafer based Electrode
PI(Polyimide) based flexible device
Microlens array

Metal Shadow Mask
Micro Filter Unit